Penmen Baseball Wrap up their Spring Break Trip in Florida

Between soaking up rays and relaxing on the beach, the SNHU baseball team competed in five non-conference games during their spring break trip to Florida. Expectations were high for the Penmen, and they were predicted to win many, if not all, of their games. Competition, however, was much stronger and more tactical than most teams in the Northeast-10 (NE10) They also faced a few

Vacation on a Budget

Just because students are living on a budget, does not mean that students have to stay home for Spring Break. More than 1.5 million students go on Spring Break every year and spend an average of  $1,000 per student, according to Travel Weekly.   However, even the student with the smallest budget can get away for this week and enjoy the days on the

So You Want to be a Tourist?

With Spring Break come and gone, the routines are set­tling in. Class, work, meetings, digging cars out of the snow, but one day the sunshiny time will come when you’re plan­ning a trip. Whether you’re in the states or across the pond, whether you’re planning a road trip or a Spring Break or a ten month backpack haul through the mountains, here are some

Spring and Spring Break and Disney World

I, as always, have complicated feelings about spring. It is a season of vitality: new leaves growing, blossoms are blooming everywhere, and ani­mals are awake from hibernation. But every year back in my home­town, it can get really unpleasant during this period. As spring begins in the south­ern coastal area, the humid cli­mate makes everything watery, plus the intersection of the warm and cold