Just because students are living on a budget, does not mean that students have to stay home for Spring Break. More than 1.5 million students go on Spring Break every year and spend an average of  $1,000 per student, according to Travel Weekly.  

However, even the student with the smallest budget can get away for this week and enjoy the days on the beach if they just follow these few tips.   

Save Up. It is no secret that Spring Break can be expensive, especially if students are traveling. Students should plan for Spring Break by only spending what they can afford.  It is also important to save for the unexpected. Save with the mindset that everything is 10% more than what it actually costs so there will be extra money at hand in case of an emergency, or a little extra for spending.  

Plan Ahead. Book hotels, flights and cars ahead of time to save money. Companies will increase pricing months in advance, so watch for the best deals possible. Booking directly with the companies will save the expenses for hiring a middle man to book the hotel or flight instead.  

Bring A Student ID. The same rules apply in other places as they do in New Hampshire, always have a valid student ID handy in case there is a discount. Many restaurants and attract ions will offer student discounts as they know many students are on a budget.   

Bring Everything. Packing everything will save money. Sunblock, sunglasses, cameras or flip flops are small expenses but, in tourist areas, are a lot more expensive than what students are used to.  

Get Groceries. Eating out every day for every meal will snowball and become very expensive. In tourist locations, meals can be a lot more expensive, take advantage of continental breakfasts and buy foods that can be used in several different meals.  

After arriving at the hotel, go to the grocery store and get enough food for all meals, snacks and drinks. Bring a cooler after leaving the hotel so nobody has to buy unnecessary meals.   

Being on a budget does not mean that Spring Break is out of the question. As long as students plan accordingly, they can travel for Spring Break without breaking the bank. Start saving now to have fun later. 

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