New Dining Furniture Shines Too Bright of a Light on What’s to Come

Any returning SNHUdents who have been in the dining hall may have noticed a few changes to the decor. The once red and black wooden chairs and wooden tables have been replaced with more modern looking blue and white chairs and plastic, stark white tables. These new pieces were installed around graduation time in May 2018, and one would have thought that perhaps the

Campus Culture Challenges a More Environmentally Friendly Dining Center

Students returning to campus this semester may have noticed a change in the dining center. Dan VanAvery, the general manager of the dining center, made the decision to bring back metal utensils instead of offering exclusively plastic. The new year means a new slate. This new year, the dining center introduced 1,200 metal pieces of each utensil, offering forks, knives and spoons. Students on

“Top Chef” Contestant Prepares A Gourmet Meal For SNHU Students

The SNHU dining hall holds many themed meals and events throughout the year, but students and staff were recently treated to something special. On Wednesday, February 21, restaurant owner and former “Top Chef” contestant Chris Scott prepared a gourmet lunch at the global cuisine station of the dining hall. Scott derives his culinary identity from his heritage. “My family is originally from Virginia, but
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Eating Healthy on Campus: It’s Possible

Some people are constantly questioning the quality of the food they consume. Sodexo, the company that provides food to SNHU students, is not immune to this. Students living on campus with no kitchen available to make their own food must rely on the food in the Dining Center. This leads to questions regarding whether or not Sodexo’s food is healthy enough for its consumers
Penmen Passion

Fast Eddie Servin’ It Up Your Way

Within the white walls of the Dining Center of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), omelet chef Edward “Fast Eddie” Ross cooks up a fresh batch of Penmen Passion, positively influencing the students, faculty, and staff five mornings a week. Every morning from Tuesday to Saturday, Fast Eddie is up and running at the omelet station, cooking as many as three different orders at once.