“Krampus” does not fit the mold of modern day horror films. It isn’t a ghost story, it isn’t shot like a home video, and it doesn’t try get screams by over using jump scares. “Krampus” takes the old 80’s horror genre of films, the slasher/monster movie, and adds a bit of Christmas flavor. While this may sound ridiculous, let me assure you that “Krampus” is a great time as long as your expectations are correct. It is just enough campy to be enjoyable while the Christmas adds a fresh feel to the genre.

The film is by no means a serious movie. In the beginning, there is very good build-up and the first half of the film does a good job of setting up characters and reasons for what is to come. It plays it very mysterious and can even get genuinely creepy.

As said before the setting does give it its own identity as not many horror films are about Christmas. But once the first kill happens, it becomes very clear what the film actually is: a horror-comedy that is mainly there for entertainment and not to really scare you. If you can accept this and just enjoy the ride, then “Krampus” will be a great time with some good laughs and great buildup.

The only real upsetting part for me is the last 30 seconds of the movie. Without spoilers, I’ll just say that the ending is not quite clear, and if it had stopped one minute earlier then it would have been a much stronger movie overall. But don’t let that stop you from seeing the film because the rest is worth it especially with the correct mindset going in. All in all if you are looking for a film that will scare you out of your seat and keep you up at night, I suggest looking elsewhere.

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