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Don’t Breathe is a Real Breathtaker

Despite the joke, “Don't Breathe” actually was quite a tense film. Released on August 25 (a bit old at this point, but not many movies came out that I saw recently), “Don't Breathe” is the newest film from the people behind the “Evil Dead” remake: Fede Alvarez and horror legend Sam Raimi. Taking place in an aban­doned neighborhood in De­troit, “Don't Breathe” follows three
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Be Your Own Hero: “One Night in Karazhan” Brings the Adventure

If you’re a fan of “Hearth­stone: Heroes of Warcraft,” you know that nothing beats a good solo adventure in this game. The battles are creative, funny, and allow you to use the game’s cards in ways you never would have thought possible. Perhaps no adventure has been more creative than the newest one. “One Night in Karazhan” takes you to one of “Warcraft’s” inciting
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Break Free and Experience “Furi” For Yourself

“Furi” is a rare breed of game. It combines the classic “bullet hell” style of retro games like “Galaga” with the quick-witted parry-dependent nature of a “Dark Souls” to make a great blend of action and tactics. This consecutive boss brawler has no grunts for you to do battle with. It’s just you and the fierce warriors who stand to destroy you. You star
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Get Cooking with Bacon Man

Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) own Neal Laurenza has been working for years on a game called “Bacon Man” with his team known as Skymap Games. With the game nearing its completion, Neal agreed to be interviewed by Penmen Press to afford him the opportunity to highlight some of the game’s defining traits, as well as share some insight on the development process and
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Hit a Home Run with “Earthbound” on New Nintendo DS

The classic Super Ninten­do Role-Playing Game (RPG) "Earthbound" makes its return as a virtual console game only on the New Nintendo 3DS con­sole. This game combines the best of classic RPG elements with light flattering humor, and most importantly, the mas­terful storytelling of Shigesato Itoi. Despite being a second installment of a trilogy only fully released in Japan, "Earth­bound" stands strong even as it
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“Firewatch”: An Emotional Adventure

The first-person, narrative-driven exploration genre has become one of gaming’s go-to mediums for effective story­telling, thanks to successes like 2013’s “Gone Home.” This trend continues in “Firewatch,” devel­oped by Campo Santo. Through masterful art direction and a be­lievable world where the player connects with real human emo­tion and reaction, “Firewatch” is one of the most emotional and thought-provoking games to hit the market in
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Pokken Tournament Changes How Pokemon Trainers Battle

Pokémon battles have been brought to a whole new level with Bandai Namco and The Pokémon Company’s release of “Pokkén Tournament,” a fighting game based off of the Bandai Namco’s game fran­chise “Tekken.” “Pokkén Tournament” is a spinoff title where players travel to the new region of Fer­rum to compete in the Ferrum League. Upon arrival, players select their partner Pokémon out of 14