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Even before E3, gamer hype is at an all-time high during the summer. This is due to high profile launch­es, which many industry analysts would call system sellers as they excel at get­ting people to buy consoles. Here are some hyped games launching over the summer to keep you occupied and having a great vacation.

This starts on May 10 with the launch of “Un­charted 4: A Thief’s End,” which will utilize the unique and traditional develop­ment style of Naughty Dog, creating an immersive third person adventure starring Nathan Drake. This title, the final game in the crit­ically-acclaimed series, is an effective example of in­teractive storytelling and world-building in an already realistic and established set­ting.

Three days later, on May 13, Bethesda launches the long awaited title “Doom,” which is a first-person shooter action game that reboots the genre’s pioneer series. This game puts a ma­jor emphasis on destruction, cathartic violence, and fan­tastical gore. While these elements may be a turnoff to some players, others will find solace in a game that stays true to its roots with trusted developer Bethesda keeping everything in order.

On May 24, Blizzard En­tertainment, the developer behind “Warcraft,” will be releasing their first-per­son shooter “Overwatch”.

“Overwatch” combines the key elements found in a game like “Team Fortress 2” with the over the top antics that can sometimes be asso­ciated with Blizzard. All in all, this is already one of the summer’s biggest releases.

Also on May 24, the long-awaited sequel to the first-person parkour plat­former “Mirror’s Edge” will arrive. “Mirror’s Edge Cata­lyst” will take things to the next level with new tech­nology and hopefully even more fresh and progres­sive storytelling. Originally set to release in February, this game’s delay hopefully means the developers truly polished and perfected the game.

Jun. 10 brings “Kirby: Planet Robobot,” a side scrolling action platformer for the Nintendo 3DS using amiibos and 3D to enhance gameplay, requiring the player to use critical think­ing and well-timed combina­tions to get through its many challenges. The game will launch with custom amiibos made to truly emphasize the cute and charming visuals of the “Kirby” series that many know and love.

On Jun. 21st, the long awaited indie space explo­ration game known as “No Man’s Sky” will finally take center stage, introducing one of the largest worlds to explore in video game histo­ry. While this game operates on real-time online multi­player at all times, it is truly a single-player experience. While you share the world with others, finding specific friends is near impossible. It truly replicates the vast void of space but fills the world with enough to occupy any curious mind.

These are the highlight titles that can be expected over the summer, and with E3 coming up, we can expect even more great announce­ments. Be it more informa­tion on Nintendo’s new con­sole, the NX, or Playstation VR, the world of games is as fast moving as ever, with the summer being a great time to go out and start playing.

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