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If you’re a fan of “Hearth­stone: Heroes of Warcraft,” you know that nothing beats a good solo adventure in this game.

The battles are creative, funny, and allow you to use the game’s cards in ways you never would have thought possible. Perhaps no adventure has been more creative than the newest one.

“One Night in Karazhan” takes you to one of “Warcraft’s” inciting locations: the mystical tower where Guardian Medivh watches over the world.

Though, this time, he has bigger goals. His aim is not to protect Azeroth, but to provide it with the thrills of the greatest party ever thrown.

If your interest is “turning up” with the arcane, you’ve come to the right place.

While planning his party, some unexpected trouble leads Medivh through a very inter­esting journey, and it’s up to the player to save the day.

The boss battles are very in­teresting, incorporating many elements from various Tavern Brawls in the game’s past.

This includes a battle where each player has 10 mana for the entire game, or an enemy hero that has taunt (so you can’t at­tack its minions). While these battles are creative in design, the AI is severely flawed.

You’ll find that a lot of the major tactical elements are lost in translation, because enemies will flat out ignore a lot of your major cards. Passive abilities are ignored completely, so cards like Animated Armor serve as, in essence, an auto­matic win.

That being said, this ex­pansion does offer some of the most valuable cards in the entire game. Cards like Barnes will change the course of a ma­jor ranked match, allowing you to summon strong minions in the early game.

This adventure is in no way worth skipping, as the cards will no doubt become integral to the meta of the game.

If you play “Hearthstone,” you should purchase “One Night In Karazhan.” The ad­venture will likely enact a per­manent shift on the game, and nothing is worse than getting left behind.

So, get ready to go to Karaz­han and party the way only a true guardian can.

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