(image credit: Marvel / Netflix)

“Luke Cage” is a fasci­nating example of the ability that Marvel has to take their supernatural wars down to a scale that the every-man can understand. This Netflix ex­clusive series takes a differ­ent approach from the likes of “Jessica Jones” or “Agents of Shield” and drags us fully into the world of Harlem, New York City.

Luke Cage, a man imper­vious to most mortal weap­onry, is just trying to get by, yet those around him are destroying each other, and he gets caught in the middle. Gang turf wars, detective drama, and much more are explored in this quest for a humble man to make things right for the people in his life.

Perhaps the greatest thing about “Luke Cage” is its ability to remain thor­oughly authentic in its deal­ings with minority issues in America. The show, without hesitance or remorse, makes it known that being black is crucial to Luke Cage’s sto­ry, his influence on those around him, and the scale of the conflicts he’s dealing with.

The bigger issue of me­ta-human traits explored in most every Marvel story told takes a bit of a back seat, as the world of Marvel’s Har­lem gets more attention. Characters surrounding Cage work to flesh out the world and emphasize the ex­istence of conflict.

The overarching issue isn’t any sort of impending demise for Luke; it all sur­rounds those that he cares about. There isn’t much for him to worry about. Not for now, at least.

“Luke Cage” is available now on Netflix. To anyone who wants to experience an authentic real-feeling story with a hint of Marvel magic, this is a show worth check­ing out.

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