Musical events are not rare occurrences on Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) campus. From the major concert to small bands playing above the Dining Center, there are several opportunities for students to attend gatherings which focus on certain genres.

While students can listen to their favorite bands in the comfort of their dorm, some still find enjoyment in going out with friends to an upbeat performance; however, the rowdiness of the crowds at large live concerts prevent them from fully enjoying the experience.

These large groups can make musical events less enjoyable. SNHU student Lauren Borry felt such discomfort at the 2016 fall semester major concert. She enjoyed the concert overall, saying it “was fun and exciting, but the crowd was hectic and took away from the experience.”

Other opportunities on campus can eliminate the discomfort a live concert brings, while still allowing students to attend and appreciate musical events. Student Involvement sponsored such an event called Jazz and Other Big Bands from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. It occurred on the night of Oct. 13 in The Last Chapter Pub (the Pub).

This evening offered “a chill vibe,” said Devi Arnold, a SNHU resident. Soothing jazz music was played over the speakers. There, students were able to make conversation, play pool, and have drinks in peace.

While Jazz and Big Bands took place at the Pub, it differed from the rowdy atmosphere that is often found at bars or live music concerts.

Devi Arnold enjoyed the change of pace, noting that “it can get hectic in [The Last Chapter Pub], but tonight its very, like, low key.”

Lauren Borry also enjoyed the atmosphere within the Pub, stating that it was “a very relaxing night. [The music] is soft enough to have a conversation, but upbeat enough so that you’re not falling asleep.” The night of Jazz and Big Bands seemed to be a success to the attendees who appreciated the soothing genre.

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