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Knowledge of my own ethnicity is based off my parent’s “I think” statements. It was never a raging topic as I grew up, even having been part of a mixed family. I grew up with a blank slate toward my heretical geography, and it was never something that bothered me until recently.

I acknowledge my lack of ethnic knowledge and I move forward in a world of people proud to be African, Latina, Japanese and part of every other ethnic group; but I also move forward in a world of people who give off ignorance to these sources of pride.

There are some who ask, “Why can’t I have white pride?”

The answer is simple: Because there is no “white” ethnicity.

Pacific Islander pride, Mexican pride, Indian pride, Chinese pride: These have cultural reverberations reaching into every corner of the world as a reflection of individuals in those societies. White is the color of skin; it is not the details that come from the cultural history of a country. Welch pride? Yes! German Pride? Go for it. Italian Pride? You bet. But the overall concept of “Why can there be black pride and not white pride?” is not a cause of “reverse racism” but a lack of connection between the two.

That being said, patriotism can still be related to the realm of culture. There can be pride in being American citizens who are born and raised here and proud of the strides made by their country. Patriotism is a wonderful thing and should be supported in an equal amount to ethnic pride.

If you’re like me, unaware of your ethnic roots, then let’s learn together. There are several at-home DNA tests that can be purchased to gain knowledge of personal background. I, for one, am very excited to take one of these tests and learn more about my cultural roots. There is something in my genes to be proud of.

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