Course Scheduling Conflicts Among Students

Every student starts out the school year with a set schedule, commonly consisting of five classes. When students register for their courses during the previous semester, they have the ability to choose whichever schedule works best for them. However, with the transition to remote learning, some professors have been tweaking their courses, affecting synchronous class meet times.  “As you know, in this remote semester
Arts & Entertainment

Crewmate or Imposter: Online Game Gains Traction Amongst SNHU Students

The online game, Among Us, created by the American game studio InnerSloth and released in 2018, is sweeping its way across SNHU. Growing in popularity during remote learning, students are now playing the online game to connect with their fellow peers and step away from their demanding schedules.  The trending game is all students can talk about. Whether it is at a club meeting or

Life On Campus: Emergency Housing

Students have been given the option to utilize emergency housing on campus for the 2020 fall semester. This option was put in place for those that were in unstable and unsafe living conditions as well as for those that had nowhere to live. Prior to the fall semester, an email was sent including a survey that asked students questions regarding their living situations which

Blackout Weeks: Are They Mandatory?

The fall online semester is in full swing, and with it comes some changes to the usual SNHU academic calendar. Naturally, there has been some confusion regarding these changes, specifically about what SNHU is calling “Blackout Weeks,” which are the weeks of October 12th and November 23rd. The confusion begins with inconsistencies between classes. Some professors have those weeks “Blacked Out,” meaning there will