SNHU’s Last Chapter Pub (image courtesy: SNHU Conference Services)

As SNHU prepares to reopen for the fall semester, students are eager to reunite with their peers and get involved after a year of remote learning. Part of the college scene is having a place to hang out. The Last Chapter Pub (The Pub) located in the Student Center is one of the hotspots on campus.

Events featured include and but are not limited to weekly bingo, live music, slam poetry, Name That Tune and karaoke. Other activities at The Pub include using the pool table and lounging on the giant beanbags. Students are also offered free refreshments including various snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Returning students like Dennis Nguyen (’22) say it is the refreshments they are looking forward to at The Pub. “If you’re not going to the pub for the free snacks and drinks, you’re lying to yourself,” says Nguyen.

Other students, like Alex Goedel (‘22), agree: “The Pub was a great place to get snacks, so of course I’m going back,” Goedel.

While students are excited to return, there are still concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. “I’ll go back to The Pub once we clear one week on campus without any COVID cases,” says a SNHU senior.

In response to these concerns, SNHU has clarified that The Pub will follow SNHU’s guidelines. “We will operate under all University policies regarding the safety of faculty, staff, and students,” says Elizabeth Laclair, Assistant Director of Student Involvement.

The Office of Student Involvement has received confirmation that guidelines surrounding upcoming events might change. However, The Pub will be open when students return to campus.

“We’ll still be giving out those much loved Shirley Temples and Peanut Butter Pretzels, to name a few,” says Laclair.

After more than a year closed, The Pub will reopen with the start of the Fall term on August 30.