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SNHU Community Reacts To WandaVision Conclusion

Earlier in the semester, the Penmen Press interviewed SNHU students and alumni about their general reactions to “WandaVision,” a Marvel television series on Disney+, and their theories for how the show would end. With the completion of the series, the Penmen Press surveyed and interviewed several SNHU students again to determine if their theories came true and how satisfied they were with the series
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Upcoming LEGO Star Wars Game Meets Mixed Reactions

After many months of delay, the developers at Traveller’s Tales, Lucasfilm and TT Games have announced the release of the next installment in the LEGO Star Wars game series: The Skywalker Saga. According to, the official site for Star Wars games and movies, this game will feature all nine films from the Star Wars saga as playable levels with the same amount of

Dining Center Mystery Debunked

Recently, there have been rumors spreading that the price of items at the dining center have increased. With exponentially decreasing dining dollars and increasing concern among students, the rumors appeared true. “They charge us tax on top of the already high prices they’re charging us for food,” one student said in response. However, the rumors have been found to be untrue. In general, the