Working Over the Summer is Worth It

The summer months are generally regarded as a period of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for students of all ages. The hustle and bustle of schoolwork, athletics and leadership responsibilities have come to a halt, and many of us want nothing more than to spend time with friends or do nothing at all. However, this dream of a summer free from responsibilities is often corrupted

Green Bike Smoothie Bar Makes Healthy Eating A Little Simpler

It’s no secret that consuming generous amounts of produce is an essential component of a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are unprocessed sources of a myriad of healthful nutrients, yet many of us are under-consuming these vital nutrition warriors. The folks at Green Bike Smoothie Bar in Manchester’s Millyard area have set out to remedy this issue. Green Bike is a part of Fortitude
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Eminem Fights to Remain Relevant on “Kamikaze”

Rap Icon Eminem rocked the hip-hop community on August 31 when he dropped "Kamikaze," a surprise album that served to address his previous release and those who spoke out against it. Ever since the release of "Recovery" in 2010, Eminem’s music has been decidedly less aggressive and hardcore and more pop-influenced than in his early years. This was taken a step further about nine

“Talk Saves Lives” Offers In-Depth Conversation About Suicide

Suicide is a difficult topic for many of us to talk about. Serious discussions about suicide are not common, but such discussions encourage awareness and action, which are the building blocks of prevention. On Monday, September 10, Kappa Chi collaborated with The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) to bring Talk Saves Lives, a program that encourages individuals to become educated about this often-misunderstood

Give A Little, Feed A Lot To Celebrate Its Tenth Year

The SNHU community is at its most vibrant and enthusiastic when it comes together to support the local community and help those in need. Each year, the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) teams up with the NH Food Bank to sponsor Give a Little, Feed a Lot (GALFAL), a campus-wide service project that will celebrate its tenth year on Saturday, September 15. GALFAL

Cheddar and Rye Brings Gourmet Grilled Cheese to Manchester

One of the simplest, yet most satisfying sandwiches is the humble grilled cheese. Once thought of as merely a staple for young children, the grilled cheese has transcended such distinctions to become an enduring classic. The intermingling of subtly crisp bread and warm melted cheese has nearly universal appeal. The grilled cheese is celebrated whole-heartedly at Cheddar and Rye, Manchester’s only grilled cheese restaurant.

How To SNHU: Scenic and Lively Places on Campus

New Hampshire is a state that is renowned for its natural beauty. Trees abound, mountains traverse the land and all four seasons are celebrated. The Southern New Hampshire University campus embraces New Hampshire’s charms despite being located near an urban center. There are many scenic locations on campus that can serve as places to get caught up on assignments, spend time with friends or

The Future of SNHU Culinary is Uncertain

Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Evans is recommending a teach-out of the SNHU Culinary program. On April 3, Evans sent out an email to students who are enrolled in the culinary program that outlined his reasoning for this recommendation. Evans offered a similar recommendation in January of 2017. His main concerns were the high cost associated with running the program and declining enrollment.

A Meal at Consuelo’s is a Culinary Journey to Mexico

With the conclusion of winter and the arrival of warm weather comes a shift in cravings for many people. The bright and spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine are irresistible in the spring and summer. Well-made tacos, burritos and quesadillas have the ability to transport us to tropical Mexican beaches. Many SNHU students may be familiar with Mexican chains such as Margarita’s and La Carreta,