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New Hampshire is a state that is renowned for its natural beauty. Trees abound, mountains traverse the land and all four seasons are celebrated. The Southern New Hampshire University campus embraces New Hampshire’s charms despite being located near an urban center.

There are many scenic locations on campus that can serve as places to get caught up on assignments, spend time with friends or de-stress during mid-terms.

One particularly calming area is located on the third floor of the library. When the weather is favorable, many students choose to work on the patio overlooking the tree-heavy west side of campus. The tranquility of the patio makes it an excellent place to get fresh air or read a book.

For those searching for a more social atmosphere, the green space is a popular option. Considered the unofficial heart of campus, the green space becomes the quintessential hangout spot during late fall and early spring. Many events are held in the green space each year and student musicians often perform there. One of the first signs that spring has arrived occurs when students begin to storm the green space after being forced indoors during the blistering winter.

The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center, located in the Green Center, offers an unrivaled view of the green space. The center, which aims to promote and advance gender equity and bring attention to social issues regarding gender, features a large, multi-paned window that overlooks the entire green space. The view is beautiful in the spring, and equally pleasing in winter, when the space in blanketed in a thick mound of snow.

For a different variety of scenic views, the student center is an excellent location to meet new people and get work done. The center houses multiple club offices, the Last Chapter Pub, SNHU bookstore and much more. There is often a flurry of activity on weekday mornings as students and faculty head to class, grab a coffee or breakfast sandwich at Penmen Place and meet up with friends.

While it may be tempting to spend free time in the dorms, there are many appealing spaces on campus to hang out and connect with the SNHU community.

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