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SNHU Community Reacts To WandaVision Conclusion

Earlier in the semester, the Penmen Press interviewed SNHU students and alumni about their general reactions to “WandaVision,” a Marvel television series on Disney+, and their theories for how the show would end. With the completion of the series, the Penmen Press surveyed and interviewed several SNHU students again to determine if their theories came true and how satisfied they were with the series

Debt Relief, Grants And Free Community College

The Biden Administration has settled into the Capitol and college students, prospective students and alumni across the country wait for the roll-out of President Joe Biden’s higher education plan. President Biden was sworn into office on January 20. He previously laid out his plan for higher education on his campaign website and has been vocal about his aspirations to improve the American education system.
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SNHU Community Reacts To WandaVision

The whole world seems to be talking about WandaVision, and the SNHU community is no exception. When the first trailer was released, it was clear WandaVision would not be an ordinary Marvel project. With Wanda’s reality-warping abilities and a lack of clarity regarding the plot, anything was possible. Disney+ released the first two episodes of Marvel’s new series on January 15. Since then, the
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The “Sabrina” Reboot Lives Up To Its Chilling Name

The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was recently released worldwide on Netflix. This new reboot takes a dark turn on the iconic comic book story of Sabrina -- this take lives up to its name. Between the rituals, the spells, the demons and the references to the satanic church, the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is definitely not for kids, but it’s definitely for fans of

The Road to Sicily

During spring break of next year, many students will be participating in a variety of activities. For a few conscientious students, spring break grants them the opportunity to travel outside of the United States to the beautiful country of Italy. Between March 8 to the 17, students in Professor Andrea Bard’s Intercultural Communications course will be exploring the island of Sicily. The trip costs $2,690
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Avril Lavigne Makes A Comeback with “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne is back after a five year break from releasing new music. On September 19, the Canadian punk artist released a ballad titled “Head Above Water.” This new song documents the 34 year old’s personal struggle with Lyme Disease, the very reason for her long break in the first place. She was on tour in 2013 when her health began to diminish. She