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Letter from the Editor: Importance of Assembly

As a newspaper, it is expected that the bulk of what we do, particularly in our editorial content,  is talk about freedom of the press. But freedom of the press is most effective in conjunction with the other rights afforded by the First Amendment, and it is imperative that students in particular are aware of their rights and the powerful ways in which they

Destination Baton Rouge: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s Week of Service

Over Spring Break, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a week of service. There, they met 150 other undergraduate students from university chapters around the northeast. In Baton Rouge, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship repaired damages to homes that had occurred during the 2016 flooding. Shannon Conway (’18), shared that “Intervaristy boarded a coach bus ready for a grueling 30-hour bus ride... Going
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“A Wrinkle in Time” Proves Its Relevancy With Timeless Message

A Wrinkle in Time is a hard nut to crack. For those with dog-eared, bathtub-stained copies of the book from their childhoods, the movie both rises to the occasion as well as falls aggressively short. Those who do not have the reference point of the book may be just as disoriented by the shifting emotional tone and, at times, topsy-turvy visual effects. Madeline L’Engle’s
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Controversial Season Finale of “The Bachelor” Shocks Audiences

SPOILERS AHEAD. “The biggest night in Bachelor history.” The phrase repeated over and over throughout last night’s episode. After the "Women Tell All" special, everyone has been wondering how this season finale would play out. Caroline Lunny, a contestant sent home earlier this season, used her time on the Tell All stage to say to Arie, “I know what you did, and I don’t
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Happy Newspaper in Education Week!

From March 5 - 9, we will be celebrating the importance of journalism and our First Amendment right to educate society. Newspapers and other news media are often a constant in people’s lives. People are constantly absorbing news; from long-standing routines like reading the morning paper with a cup of coffee, to more recent trends such as scrolling through Twitter during the day, journalism
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The Oscars: The Academy, The Actors, The Activism

The 90th Oscars Academy Awards have sat at centerstage in everybody’s minds, particularly for the avid movie buff. But even the regular movie-goer (who has not spent the past year on a diet of purely popcorn) can find enjoyment in an evening of finger food, musical performances and what is becoming commonplace calls to action and activism. Anyone who has been keeping up with

“Space Matters” – Penmen Stadium Changing the Community’s Consciousness

The ribbons have been cut, as Penmen Stadium had its grand opening on February 24 on a beautiful morning. Penmen Stadium is now home to the men and women’s soccer, lacrosse and tennis teams, as well as women’s track and field. This newest addition to campus features a 1,500-seat stadium, six tennis courts and new track and field facilities, including an eight-lane track. While

Changes to Master Calendar Create New Opportunities as Well as Challenges

In early November, SNHU launched a new version of Master Calendar, operated on the 25Live interface by CollegeNET, to mitigate the issues and inconsistencies posed by the previous R25 and Master Calendar system. The new version of Master Calendar can still be found via MySNHU along the right-hand bar of the homepage. This version features not only the on-campus Student Events and Activities calendar,