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Get Cooking with Bacon Man

Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) own Neal Laurenza has been working for years on a game called “Bacon Man” with his team known as Skymap Games. With the game nearing its completion, Neal agreed to be interviewed by Penmen Press to afford him the opportunity to highlight some of the game’s defining traits, as well as share some insight on the development process and
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Hit a Home Run with “Earthbound” on New Nintendo DS

The classic Super Ninten­do Role-Playing Game (RPG) "Earthbound" makes its return as a virtual console game only on the New Nintendo 3DS con­sole. This game combines the best of classic RPG elements with light flattering humor, and most importantly, the mas­terful storytelling of Shigesato Itoi. Despite being a second installment of a trilogy only fully released in Japan, "Earth­bound" stands strong even as it
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Make Way for the Mario Dating Sim

Nintendo has announced the next game in their lineup of smartphone titles in partnership with DeNA. That game is the “Super Mario Bros. Dating Sim­ulator,” which will be launching in the fall of 2016. This simulator will offer the opportunity for players to try and charm numerous characters from the glorious Mushroom Kingdom. Available characters to play will span from the beauti­ful Princess Peach
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Get Over Here and Play “Mortal Kombat XL”

“Mortal Kombat X,” the tenth installment in the criti­cally acclaimed fighting game series, launched last January on PS4 and Xbox One, and now Netherrealm is launching the XL edition of the game. “Mortal Kombat XL” is now available for Xbox One and PS4, sporting more content than ever before. But is it worth the purchase? “Mortal Kombat X” was among the most critically ac­claimed

Gaming Club Makes Room by the Hearth

Southern New Hamp­shire University’s (SNHU) Gaming Club is a hub for gamers to mingle and play games with others. On Mar. 5 Gaming Club hosted a Hearthstone Tour­nament, where students were able to bring their decks and challenge each other in Blizzard Entertain­ment’s “Warcraft” themed digital card game. The tournament fol­lowed the “conquest” guide­lines, allowing three decks per player in a best of five
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The Legend of Zelda Returns with “Hyrule Warriors”

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo stand together once more to port the Wii U’s “Hyrule Warriors” to the Nintendo 3DS. Hyrule War­riors is a Legend of Zelda themed “hack and slash” game in the vain of Koei Tecmo’s “Dynasty Warriors” series. The original game spanned many Legend of Zelda games, from “Ocarina of Time” to “Skyward Sword,” featuring characters and environments from all of the
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Dash, Jump and Glide into “Mario and Luigi Paper Jam”

3DS owners look out! Mario is back and Luigi’s seeing double as the fifth in­stallment in Alpha Dream’s “Mario and Luigi” series of Role-Playing Games, “Ma­rio and Luigi Paper Jam” has big shoes to fill. Those shoes become bigger when the crossover game incorpo­rates elements from the pop­ular “Paper Mario” series as well. Fans of both series will be drawn to the unique vi­sual