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Nintendo and Koei Tecmo stand together once more to port the Wii U’s “Hyrule Warriors” to the Nintendo 3DS. Hyrule War­riors is a Legend of Zelda themed “hack and slash” game in the vain of Koei Tecmo’s “Dynasty Warriors” series. The original game spanned many Legend of Zelda games, from “Ocarina of Time” to “Skyward Sword,” featuring characters and environments from all of the rep­resented games. “Hyrule Warriors Legends” for 3DS takes it a step further, adding “Wind Waker” and “Majora’s Mask” in its roster.

New characters include the King of Red Sea Lions and Skull Kid, as well as Toon Link and Tetra. But perhaps the most shocking is Linkle, the female incarnation of Link armed with dual crossbows.

“Hyrule Warriors” is one of the best games to capture the true es­sence of the “Warriors” franchise. It does so in many ways, but arguably the strongest would be the battles with giant bosses. Focusing on all of the little soldiers surrounding you is fun, but when you are face to face with a large boss and have to fight it in a one-on-one setting, that is when the game truly shines. The player is given a good sense of scale as conflict progresses, and the mechanics are so well weaved in with the story that you’re never left guessing.

The storyline of this game will not blow your mind. It is very light and not particularly complex. It will however, appeal to your desire for Legend of Zelda fanservice.

“Hyrule Warriors Legends” for Nintendo 3DS will be released on Mar. 25. If you’re looking for a fast-paced action experience, or just a new Zelda game to pass the time, this game is for you.

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