Southern New Hampshire University’s Gaming Club is a great hub for gamers to mix, mingle, and have a great time. There are numerous events with different styles of games throughout every semester. Gaming Club meets weekly on Saturdays from 12-3 p.m. in the Corcoran Room of the Student Center.

Returning from spring break, students will be able to attend a number of events. On Mar. 19, there will be a “Heroscape” play session. “Heroscape” is a strategic militaristic board game where the map is built prior to each play session. Two games of “Heroscape” will never be identical as the board is al­ways different.

On Mar. 26, Gaming Club will be hosting SNHU’s very-own twist on the popu­lar “Dungeons and Dragons” board game during their meet­ing with “Gladiator Dungeons and Dragons.” “Dungeons and Dragons” is one of the most critically acclaimed tabletop games of all time. Anyone interested in creative control and character creation would enjoy this game.

Finally, on Apr. 2, there will be a “Pokemon” tourna­ment. Pokemon is a hand­held game focused on pitting creatures with special powers against each other in tourna­ments. This will be a great opportunity for students to train, battle, and compare strategies and Pokemon until they find the team they want to bring. Prizes will be given to winners.

Pizza from Pizza 911 will be provided by the Penmen Press. The Penmen Press has co-sponsored all of Gaming Club’s events this semester.

Gaming Club is a lot of fun, and it is easy to partici­pate in their events. With all of these upcoming events, it is a great time for gamers of all kinds to get involved. Any­one with any interest in games should consider joining in on the fun

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