Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Gam­ing Club is the perfect club for SNHU gamers of all kinds to become a part of. The club puts on a variety of events that any­one can attend. Gaming Club meets every Saturday from 12-3 p.m. in the Corcoran Room of the Student Center.

Coming up on Feb. 27, Gaming Club will be hosting a Mega Monopoly event. This is a chance to play the game that challenges students’ hypotheti­cal fiscal responsibility. How­ever, this time, there may be a special twist.

In the mood for some high stakes? Gaming Club invites students to go to the Hearth­stone: Heroes of Warcraft tournament. Students will have the opportunity to show off their masterful deck build­ing skills and maybe even win a prize. This event will take place on March 5.

It is the prime time to get involved with Gaming Club with the variety of events the club is hosting, leading up to Spring Break.

Mustapha R. Price
Mustapha R. Price is now an alum of Southern New Hampshire University, pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts with the new Genre Fiction program. An advisor for COCE students, Mustapha has a history of game journalism behind him and a bright future sharing his stories with the world.

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