Southern New Hamp­shire University’s (SNHU) Gaming Club is a hub for gamers to mingle and play games with others.

On Mar. 5 Gaming Club hosted a Hearthstone Tour­nament, where students were able to bring their decks and challenge each other in Blizzard Entertain­ment’s “Warcraft” themed digital card game.

The tournament fol­lowed the “conquest” guide­lines, allowing three decks per player in a best of five series. In order for a play­er to progress, each of the three decks would have to win one match. Winning al­lowed competitors to prog­ress through the bracket, while losing moved play­ers to the Loser’s Bracket, where they could try to work their way back into the ranks.

Losing while in that bracket resulted in perma­nent elimination from the tournament.

Hearthstone is a digital card game where two play­ers face off in a battle of strategy, minions, and spells as they fight to see who can lower the other player’s health points to zero. There are nine different classes, and more than 700 cards for players to choose from to build themed, well orga­nized decks.

The tournament lasted for three hours, with Pizza 911 and soda provided for participants and spectators alike.

The Hearthstone tour­nament was one of many events where Gaming Club allowed for gamers of all kinds to come together.

With meetings once a week in the Corcoran Con­ference Room in the Stu­dent Center on Saturdays from 12-3, the club is al­ways looking for new or in­terested members.

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