WandaVision (image courtesy: Disney)

The whole world seems to be talking about WandaVision, and the SNHU community is no exception.

When the first trailer was released, it was clear WandaVision would not be an ordinary Marvel project. With Wanda’s reality-warping abilities and a lack of clarity regarding the plot, anything was possible.

Disney+ released the first two episodes of Marvel’s new series on January 15. Since then, the internet has been going crazy with reactions and theories as to what may be going on in the show.

Several SNHU students and alumni have weighed in on what they like about WandaVision, sharing theories they have on what may be revealed in later episodes.

“I think it’s great and hilarious so far,” says Sam Caswell, ’22. “I expected it to be weird, but I wasn’t expecting it to be funny.”

“I knew it would get weird, but I was still not ready for the sheer confusion that Marvel was going to bring to the table,” says Jacob Butler, ’21.

“I thought it was very silly and reminiscent of old cheesy sitcoms like I Love Lucy but as you continue watching the show, you notice cracks and ripples of the facade of everything,” says alumnus Jerlin Quinones, ’18.

One strange aspect of the show is the sitcom element. Each episode follows Wanda and Vision in a different decade of situational comedies. These episodes mirror elements of existing shows such as The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

There are also several films and shows that seem to have influenced WandaVision. As laid out in a NewRockstars YouTube video titled “WandaVision HORRIFYING Secrets! Wanda Trapped in a Nightmare,” movies such as The Truman Show, Pleasantville, Cabin in the Woods and shows like The Twilight Zone have similar vibes that nothing is as it seems.

The Truman Show and Pleasantville even tackle being trapped in a TV show as WandaVision hints at in the first three episodes.

While the fate of Wanda, Vision and the town of Westview is still up in the air, fans are formulating theories that could explain everything.

“One theory I had was [that] a supervillain named Mephisto, who is basically the Marvel version of the devil, [will appear]. In the comics he gives some of his power to Wanda to help her give birth to her twins,” says Quinones.

“I think Magneto and a version of Quicksilver will appear. I’m also thinking Ultron will possibly return,” Caswell offers.

Regardless of what happens, WandaVision is sure to shake things up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the whole world will be watching.

New episodes are released Fridays on Disney+ at midnight, Pacific time.