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The New Assassin’s Creed is Truly Epic

Ubisoft’s eleventh game in the Assassin’s Creed series tops all the rest, with a thrilling story, strategic RPG-like combat, naval combat that made us all enjoy Black Flag and a beautiful open world state. The game is all about choice, which is clear from the get go when you choose between Alexios (male) or Kassandra (female) for your playable character. Their dialogue is nearly
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Your Guide to Nintendo Switch Online

After having a delayed launch, Nintendo finally launched their online services for Switch. The new online services bring a couple intriguing features that were not available to us before, and add a paywall to those we've been experiencing since launch in the "preview" phase. The biggest benefit, of course, is online play. Games like "Mario Kart 8" and the upcoming "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

Robert Frost Renovations Bring New And Exciting Opportunities

If you have classes in Robert Frost you most certainly have heard and seen the recent renovations. Although they might not look like much now, they will bring many opportunities once they are finished. The renovations consist of four new areas including an art gallery, a computer lab, the honors suite and a biology lab. The biology lab has already been completed, while the