SNHU Student goes on to live abroad in Madrid, Spain

Aryion Petrelle is an SNHU alumna and is now living abroad in Madrid, Spain. Petrelle has been living in Spain for about a year but has lived abroad for roughly two years overall.

Petrelle lives in the city center of Spain in an area between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, but Petrelle plans on moving to London in September where she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in graphic design. Petrelle describes the city area as, “Very busy with a lot of tourists but the city is one of the best for young people and there is always something to do and normally it is free.” One event that Petrelle considered worthwhile during her time in Spain was, “when they opened all the museums until 3 a.m., and we were able to walk the streets [while] seeing various artist’s installations made for the occasion.”

Petrelle works as an English teaching assistant at a local high school in Madrid. She was able to get this job through the government; the job didn’t require her to speak Spanish and Patrelle believed it as a great opportunity to travel abroad. She also teaches private english lessons to children and is working freelance in graphic design for companies in the U.S, U.K and Spain.

Petrelle studied abroad while at SNHU and traveled to Madrid, Spain. Petrelle describes the program that she went through as “absolutely fantastic.” Patrelle’s experience studying abroad proved to be influential in her decision to live abroad. But Madrid was the second place that she had traveled abroad, the first being England.

Anyone with questions about studying abroad can email Study Abroad Director Stefano Parenti at or Study Abroad Advisor Scott Snyder at Also, those who are curious about the program Patrelle is a part of in Spain can visit

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