(Image Courtesy: Julia Almonte)

It is hard to sum up my three years at SNHU in a short letter. But I will start where it began. 

When I made the decision to go to college at SNHU, it was in the middle of a global pandemic that would go on to drastically change my college career. As a result, my first year at SNHU was spent online, and the class of 2024 was given the name of “Innovation Scholars.” During that first year, I worked full time at Dunkin’ and I was a part-time scholar. Safe to say, that was not the way I thought my first year of college would go. 

When I finally moved on campus at the start of my sophomore year, I was met with a new environment. One where many people, like myself, were excited to finally get out and interact with other people again. I joined the Penmen Press and Radio SNHU right after the Fall Involvement Fair, and they were two of the best decisions I made on campus. 

I am thankful to the Penmen Press for giving me some great tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. My copy-writing skills have drastically improved since I began my time here, and I have my previous lead copy editors to thank for that; Bailey and Allie. I am glad that I got to carry the torch, even if it was just for a semester. 

I would also like to send my love to Radio SNHU. I have had the best time getting to work in the club as Events Coordinator my junior year and Vice President my senior year. I cannot wait to see how the club will continue to grow under new leadership. 

I would like to thank the English department for being some of the best peers and professors I have ever had the privilege to work with. I did not know what to expect from this community, but you have vastly exceeded my expectations. I am so glad that I am leaving SNHU with great connections that I know I can rely on for the rest of my life. 

And to all underclassmen who might be reading, do not be afraid to reach out and join any club on campus. The people you will meet and the experiences you will get will be some of the best of your life, and it will make your college experience all the more important. Get out there, make friends, go to events. Experience college life while you still have it. Four years goes by faster than you might think. 

As my senior year ends, I am having a hard time saying goodbye to my friends, peers, professors, and the campus. It is sad to say goodbye, but I know it is my time to go. 

As the great Taylor Swift said, “the scary news is, you’re own your own now. But the cool news is, you’re on your own now.”

Signing off,

Julia Almonte