The Professional Sales Association (PSA) is a club that works on business development skills. President Evan Young (‘23), and Secretary Isobella Gill (‘23), spoke about their club and what makes them stand out.  

“We work with schools across the country and internationally,” said Gill. “We focus on professional skills and setting members up for success in the workforce.” 

The PSA has a 100% success rate in getting jobs and internships. Four students got to go to the International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC) this semester. Young attended and ranked in the top 12 in the country.  

“There was [an] opportunity to gain confidence in myself and [I] even learned how to sell myself, which is important no matter the field,” said Gill. “I got the chance to work together on a case study and make connections with peers and educators.” 

They also attended the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition at Bryant University in Rhode Island. Both Gill and Young advanced to the semifinals. The club also hosts their own competition at SNHU which is held in the spring and is open to all campus students. 

The PSA does a multitude of things within the club, not only things involved with sales. Young spoke on some things that stick out to him.  

“We bring people from partner companies and [they] talk about some things that they look for in an employee. We also partner with career services to help focus on the future and build yourself professionally,” said Young. “You are always selling yourself. In a team, job interview, or even managing, there is always someone you have to sell yourself to. Having that ability and confidence is one of the biggest things to take with you from PSA.” 

Both Young and Gill also talked about this semester, including how much growth has occurred since COVID-19 and how the board was able to bring the club back to life. 

“The excitement this semester alone and the competition has been amazing,” said Young. “Being able to grow with this club and go from a member to leading the club allowed me to truly see the growth of others and the club as a whole.” 

“The personalities and people are like a family. No matter the title, we all take feedback and all collaborate together,” said Gill.  

To learn more, follow the PSA Instagram @snhu_sales or email them at