PSA Logo (Image courtesy: PSA)

The Psychology Student Association (PSA) is a club at SNHU geared towards those interested in psychology. President of PSA, Abby Kotula (‘24), who is new to her role this year, spoke about her club and how this year has become a building year for them.

“We like to get everyone involved with [PSA]. We give opportunities to those not even in the psychology major,” said Kotula. “Our club likes to bridge the gap between faculty and students, as well as the gap between other peers. We love to help connect people.” 

The club has meetings once a month. What differentiates PSA meetings from those of other clubs is that their meetings are more like events.  

“We take almost the full month to prepare for campus-wide events. We do this to ensure they run smoothly and are fun for everyone,” said Kotula. “In the past, some events and meetings we have done are serial killer jeopardy, murder mystery for Halloween, and trivia games.” 

Kotula also spoke about this year’s success. PSA has taken opportunities to promote itself around campus, such as co-sponsorships with other clubs.  

“Although it is a rebuilding year, we have already had successful events and trips and have been able to give students more opportunities than have been available in the past,” said Kotula. “The murder mystery was very fun. This was our first event not in our meeting room this year. The Brewed Awakening staff gave [us] some spooky treats and reserved us a table. People really got into their characters, so it was a very enjoyable experience.” 

The club is always open to new members. Kotula talked about some reasons why she enjoys the club herself.  

“If you have an interest in psychology, [whether you are in the] major or not, you can still join and be a part of a community that has similar interests. It is an amazing opportunity to connect with faculty,” said Kotula. “Without PSA, I would not have met the faculty and students I have, and I would not be where I am today.” 

To learn more about PSA, follow their Instagram @snhu_psa or email them with questions at