Brewed Awakening, previously named Cup of Love, has been a staple at SNHU for many years. It became a place for students to relax and enjoy food and beverages crafted by SNHU students, including their famous ‘Crêpe Day.’ However, those fun times and memories will come to an end after School of Business Dean Dr. Michael T. Tasto made the decision to shut down the café.

Tasto noted the change in dining vendors being a deciding factor for the closure in an email sent to the Brewed Awakening staff.

“After much consideration, I have decided to shut down the Café for next year, because I don’t believe we will have enough students willing to pay extra money for food/drinks, when they can get it elsewhere for free (after they have swiped),” said Tasto.

American Dining Creations (ADC) is set to become the university’s dining vendor effective May 16, where the new meal plan will be structured as “all-access.” However, the new plan, according to Tasto, doesn’t include the café.

Tasto pointed out that food insecurity will be aided by the new meal plan. “Although the new meal plan will help address the challenge some of our students are faced with regarding food insecurity, it also created a very tough decision for whether or not to keep the Brewed Awakening Café open next year,” said Tasto.

Although the structure of the current meal plan with Sodexo differs from the future plan with ADC, many students equally spend their own money at Brewed Awakening because Sodexo’s dining dollars don’t cover the costs. As a result, this caused confusion among students.

“Students already spend their own money on Brewed regardless of the dining [plan] now. I don’t know what would change with this new dining facility,” said Brewed Awakening co-manager Cassidy Barcome (’24). “It literally makes no sense.”

Barcome responded to Tasto’s email by saying, “As one of the managers this year and the future manager for next year, I ask that you take time out of your day to physically come speak to us in person about this decision. As a group, we are all extremely confused, angry, and massively disappointed. We all deserve to be addressed in person that we are losing our jobs [at] the place we have put so much work and effort into, not over an email. As tomorrow is our last day being open, we ask you to come in tomorrow for the staff members who are not in class to address us.”

Barcome’s emotions are high given the decision, noting that the closure is telling of the University’s priorities.

“I am very disappointed to hear about this decision. I found my sense of community at SNHU by working at Brewed Awakening. The university prides themselves on giving diverse learning opportunities for students, but is easily willing to take them away as well,” said Barcome.

Like current students, alumni were also affected by the decision. SNHU alumni, and former Brewed Awakening manager, Alex Littizzio, had a lot to say about the decision.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the decision to shut down Brewed Awakening today,” said Littizzio. “The cafe has offered myself and other students an unmatched experience in the world of business management, employee relations, and creativity in the hospitality sector. My experience as manager of this cafe single handedly allowed me to easily transition into a management position at one of the largest hotels in the world, for the largest hotel company in the world, and I’m saddened that this opportunity will no longer be available for students in the foreseeable future. I hope to see this decision be reversed for the past, present, and future students that have and will continue to put their heart and soul into this student-run business.”

Per Brewed Awakening on Instagram, they encourage students to reach out to Tasto at to voice support for Brewed Awakening.