SNHU Dining Center Entrance (Image courtesy: Katelyn Nicholas)

The news of American Dining Creations (ADC) taking over Sodexo as SNHU’s dining vendor spread across the university quickly; however, it left two lingering questions: how much will my meal plan cost and how will it be structured?

In an email sent to students on February 22 by Dr. Meagan LaMarca, the university announced the new meal plan structure for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond. The university will no longer have a declining balance system; they will be shifting to a “membership meal plan.”

According to LaMarca in the email: “We’re pleased to introduce a new type of meal plan that will replace our previous “pay per item” model. Starting in the 2023-24 academic year, students will have a membership meal plan, a new concept that very few local institutions have. This means that a single swipe of your ID card gives you full access to all you care to eat at any dining location during open hours, including the Dining Center, the Webster Café, Dunkin’, and Einstein Bros. Students have unlimited swipes as part of the membership plan,” said LaMarca. “For example, you’ll swipe to enter the Dining Center and can then enjoy an “all you care to eat” menu at no extra charge and no extra swipes. The retail locations around campus will require students to swipe in order to receive a fountain beverage, coffee, and food item of choice. Students can visit any location as many times as they want throughout the day as they have unlimited swipes throughout the semester.”

There are two different options with the plan available to students. The first is the Membership Meal Plan, which will be $1,900 per semester. The second is the Commuter Membership Meal Plan, which will be $1,200 per semester. That provides students with unlimited swipes and unlimited food throughout the semester.

Penmen Cash isn’t going anywhere; in fact, with this new plan, students will receive $200 in Penmen Cash as part of the membership meal plan, and $50 for those who choose the commuter membership meal plan. This would be for any items that aren’t considered “all you care to eat,” such as bottled beverages and pre-packaged snacks. Cash and credit will still be an option for students.

Students can find more information about this within their housing license or by reaching out to Student Affairs at