Senior, Caroline Carrozzini and senior, Sofia Barassi (Image Courtesy: Caroline Carrozzini)

During the fall semester of the 2022-2023 school year, club field hockey completed its second season as a club at SNHU. The club was brought to light during the 2021-2022 school year.

Roxanne Quinno (‘26), a forward on the team, talked about her experience after her first year playing. 

“One of my favorite memories was when we would bond as a team and just play music and goof around together during our practices,” said Quinno.

Overall, she felt the team did well and that their second season offered plenty of opportunities for growth and perseverance. 

“We had a lot of growth during our season…after our first tournament, we used the mistakes we made to practice and prevent them. We also bonded as a team when playing against some of our common enemies,” said Quinno.

Quinno spoke about what it was like being a newer club sport on campus and mentions the help of their president, Caroline Carrozzini (‘23). This even helped Quinno decide to become Vice President of the team next season. 

“This season was challenging as a newer sports team on campus, especially getting our bearings together, but [Carrozzini] stepped up into that coaching role and would give us pep talks and hype the team up in our huddles,” said Quinno.

Though the team lacked a coach for the season, Carrozzini took on a leadership role and spoke on what it was like being a graduating senior on the team.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to lead a group of people on campus while getting to work with other sports teams and other parts of the SNHU community,” said Carrozzini.

She mentioned why she decided to take the role of president and what it meant to her. 

“It gave me more of a chance to be on campus because I used to be a commuter. It gave me more of a reason to be there and be more involved with the time I had left here,” said Carrozzini.

She also talked about being a part of the club’s inaugural year and some of the struggles they went through. 

“It was a learning experience. I was thankful that I had other clubs under my wing. Luckily, there was also a lot of engagement because we started the team after covid,” said Carrozzini.

When asked if the team faced any challenges being new to campus, she mentioned the obstacles that were faced.

“Being a club for the first time, no one knows about this specific club making it different than previous ones, so it caused things to be difficult sometimes. But there was so much help from [Club Sports director,] Meagan Bircher, she was amazing when we needed it,” said Carrozzini. 

Carrozzini finished off with why she is glad she joined club field hockey. With graduation around the corner, she reflects on what the team meant to her and what next year looks like.

“I made so many new friends even outside of friend groups. I wouldn’t have met them without it. I am so excited to be able to come back to watch the games and see everyone again,” said Carrozzini.