SNHU Arena. (Image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

SNHU will be holding its commencement ceremony at the SNHU arena in downtown Manchester, NH on Saturday, April 29, and Sunday, April 30. The university will be holding two ceremonies per day.

On April 29, the first ceremony will be held at 9:30am for on-campus programs. The second ceremony will be held for the online graduate programs at 2pm.

On April 30, the first ceremony will be held at 9:30am for online undergraduate business and STEM programs. The second ceremony will be held for the online undergraduate healthcare, liberal arts, nursing, and social sciences programs at 2pm.

Alternatively, a virtual commencement will be held on May 20 at 2pm ET.

Commencement is all about capturing the moment and will be full of excitement, laughter, and some tears. It is a day to celebrate all the accomplishments made throughout the years of schooling.

“The feeling of commencement is somewhat overwhelming, but it is always joyful and amazing to see everyone together celebrating,” said Deanna Zanella, Assistant Vice President of Ceremonies and Events.

On the day of commencement, graduates will start showing up to sign in. They will be ushered to the right side of the arena towards the back lot, where they will sign and get the nameplate they will be holding to pass along to the name readers.

After signing in, graduates will then see the style crew to make sure their regalia is put on correctly. Then, graduates will stand with the school they belong to and mingle with their peers.

As soon as the graduates hear the bagpipes, it is time for the ceremony to begin.

“If [you are] planning on going out after the commencement, make sure you make a reservation ahead of time,” said Zanella.

Commencement is a once-in-a-lifetime event for graduates to celebrate with their loved ones and the SNHU community.

“[I’m] looking forward to walking with all my peers whom I’ve gotten to know my four years. Through the vast ups and downs, we made it. Here’s to the class of 2023,” said graduating senior, Zach Hark (’23).

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