Robert Frost Hall (Image courtesy: Emily Blais)

The Learner Engagement and Academic Innovation (LEAI) team are rolling out a new initiative called “Use Every Minute.”

Administrative Coordinator for LEAI, Lori Williams, and LEAI Assistant Vice President, Lynn Murray-Chandler, explained the new initiative.

“LEAI is [an] SNHU University College asset that aims to improve teaching, learning, and the student experience,” said Williams. “The team manages most faculty development work for the Manchester campus, as well as the support of many ‘High Impact Practices’ that we engage in on campus. LEAI is also the team tasked with improving retention and persistence for the campus.”

Williams explained what students might expect from a ‘Use Every Minute’ workshop, and what the program hopes to achieve.

“The goal of ‘Use Every Minute’ is to…help students build self-efficacy skills and/or feel more connected to campus services by showing how these services are relevant to them and will benefit them academically or holistically.  The workshops cover different topics and are set up in different formats, with both informational and interactive components,” said Williams. “Faculty can sign up to have their students attend these workshops by bringing their class…or by scheduling it when they will be at a conference.  Faculty will ensure students understand why this workshop connects to their class and why it is important.”

Workshops students can participate in include: APA Workshop with Wolak Learning Center; Why Study Abroad/NSE Opportunities Can Enrich Your College Experience; Destress for Success and HelpU: A Workshop for Stress and Mental Health; How is Class Going? A Focus Group Session; Team Building and Creative Problem Solving; Exploring the Benefits of Experiential Education in Your Education; Connected, Engaged, and Supported: Taking Advantage of all your SNHU opportunities!; Constellation of Support; and Project BIGAS.

“The workshops cover a variety of topics and can be used in any class where students would benefit from the topic,” said Williams.For example, the Study Abroad workshop would be geared towards freshmen and sophomore students, as a senior would not be interested at that point in studying abroad or has most likely already done so. Most of the topics are applicable to all majors and all grade levels.”

Professors will notify students before class time if they are utilizing the workshop or having a workshop with set expectations in lieu of class. Student attendance and any graded assignments with the workshop will also depend on the professor who requested it. 

“The only big thing I think I want to say is that these workshops are meant to be aligned with content in the course,” said Murray-Chandler. “They are not “filler,” rather they are ways to connect students to relevant supports and opportunities that will enrich the course they are already taking.”

Workshops for classes will typically be in the same classroom that the class is held in.

“There are some instances (for example, the APA Workshop with the Wolak Learning Center, which is held at the library) where students will go to an alternate location for the workshop on that particular day,” said Williams.

The “Use Every Minute” workshop is open to all faculty; however, not all teachers on campus will use the service.

“If they see a workshop they want to have presented to their students, they submit a reservation and then, once confirmed, will notify their students of the workshop date/time/location,” said Williams.

Professors will still cancel classes, but some can choose to use a workshop instead.

“It does not mean no more days off when teachers cancel [a] class.  There will be certain professors that use one or two workshops throughout the semester, and some that may not use [them] at all.  It is something LEAI is offering to enhance students’ experience on campus,” said Williams.

SNHU will be launching the initiative for the Spring 2023 semester.