SNHU Gaming Club. (Image courtesy: SNHU Gaming Club Instagram)

The Gaming Club offers a place for students to interact, build community, and enjoy their favorite games together at SNHU. The club hosts weekly game nights consisting of a variety of video games, board games, and more.

According to the Student Government Association, the Gaming Club was founded in 2010 and attracts new members every semester.

Gaming Club President Jordon Perry (’23) joined the club during his freshman year. He discussed the purpose of the club and what it means to gamers who aren’t necessarily interested in competitive gaming.

“[The] Gaming Club is the gateway to the non-competitive gaming community, and for people who are looking to connect with others,” said Perry. “The club itself is also a safe haven for those trying to make friends, as well as get more involved on campus and with others. As of this year, the club has about 40 attending members, with about 100 signups during last semester.

Perry welcomes all kinds of people to the club, no matter how social they may or may not be.

The main goals of the club are mostly to build a community. As everyone knows, there are different types of people, such as introverts and extroverts, and [the] Gaming Club aims to make it easier for gaming enthusiasts of any kind to find their place within the club. [In short], we want to create a comfortable environment for individuals who may struggle to interact with others.”

To conclude, the Gaming Club president summed up one of the club’s main goals: bringing people together.

Inclusivity is one of the most important pieces of our puzzle that we use to create what we have here today,” said Perry.

The Gaming Club meets every Friday from 6-8pm in the School of Engineering, Technology, and Aeronautics (SETA), room 128A-B. Interested students can also join the Discord linked on the club’s Instagram @snhu_gaming.