Womens Track

Womens Track Practicing (Image courtesy, Elise Fasano)

The SNHU women’s track and field started their indoor season at the Art Kadish Elm City Challenge in New Haven, CT on December 2. The team was ranked first in the NE10 coaches’ preseason poll via unanimous decision.

Graduate student and runner Ashley Corcoran (’23) talked about her tenure with SNHU track and field and cross country.

“My role on the team is to be a leader and role model for my teammates and the future of our track program. As the oldest person on the team, I’ve seen this team be built from the bottom up. I want to help each one of my teammates grow into amazing runners and people and continue to grow our program,” said Corcoran.

Having come in second place as a team last indoor season, Corcoran spoke on how this season offers an opportunity for redemption.

“This season is pretty big for us. Last year we won [the] outdoor track NE10s [championship] and this year we won [the] cross country NE10s, so as a team we are more motivated than ever to show the conference what SNHU is made of. Personally, this is my last indoor season, so I’m ready to give it everything I got and leave it all out on the track,” said Corcoran.

Corcoran also talked about what she’s looking forward to in this coming season.

“This season I am looking forward to working and training as a whole team. We all play a part of a bigger picture, and I can’t wait to support each other [and] work together to reach our big goals,” said Corcoran.

Corcoran spoke about the dynamic in her previous running squads, whether it be on the track or in cross country.

“What I miss about last season is the team culture we [had] in cross country. There’s something about all racing together in the same race and going through that together. It creates a bond like no other,” said Corcoran.

Corcoran talked about which of her achievements from last season she most valued.

“Personally, I had so many amazing achievements last season in cross country. I won the conference and the region and was awarded Athlete of the Year. My team and I then raced at Nationals in Seattle. It was truly an incredible way to end my cross-country career,” said Corcoran.

Head Coach Lex Butler reflected on the past season and what he believes the team can do this time around.

“We had our best season of indoor and outdoor since the team was created back in 2015. We finished runner up at the NE10 Indoor Conference Championship and won our first program Conference Championship at the NE10 Outdoor Championship,” said Butler.

With the season underway, Butler mentioned how he feels the team has done thus far.

“We’ve had a decent start to the season. We are still working on building speed [and] fitness and fine-tuning some more of the technical aspects….I think we’re right where we need to be in order to peak at our conference championship,” said Butler.

Butler also talked about how it takes time for the team to build up to their greatest energy.

“We are training hard and no one is feeling their best come meet day right now. This is by design. In a couple of weeks, our volume will start to drop, our intensity will increase and they will begin to get that ‘pop’ back that they’re probably missing right now. Track and field…is a mentally tough and emotionally exhausting sport,” said Butler.

Butler expressed his hopes and excitement for what this season has to offer.

“I know this sounds cheesy, but I’m excited that they have [a] new team and this will be the only team of its kind ever….I’m excited they have the opportunity to be the best they have ever been at some point this season. I’m excited to see how each of them grow as a student, athlete, and person by the end of the year,” said Butler.