An iced latte from Brewed Awakening (Image courtesy: Megan Charest)

Brewed Awakening is a student-run café located on the first floor of the Hospitality Center. Their hours of operation are between 7:30am to 3:30pm from Monday to Thursday, as well as from 7:30am to 2:00pm on Fridays.

Brewed Awakening takes Penmen Cash, Credit/Debit, and regular cash; they do not accept Dining Dollars. They have a walk-up counter and a seating area for visitors to work or socialize.

“Brewed is a fun and friendly café that wants to make a good work experience for student workers, and that students can come [to] relax and have something other than the dining hall. Brewed staff is all students of all grades and backgrounds,” said Cassidy Barcome (’24), the student manager of Brewed Awakening.

The café specializes in homemade breakfast items, coffee, and teas. They make homemade breakfast sandwiches with bacon, egg, cheese, and the customer’s choice of bread. Brewed uses local vendors for all their food items. They can also make normal coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and americanos.

One Brewed Awakening offering that is often popular amongst the SNHU community is Crêpe Day. On Mondays from 7:30am to 12:10pm, SNHU students can go to the café to customize up to three crêpes at $10 with various toppings to their liking. Fillings are $1 each.

In addition, they make a special crêpe every week for students to try. Flavors have included salted caramel apple and maple bacon with cream cheese, among others.

Brewed Awakening is building off of the foundation that was left by last year’s managers, Alex Littizzio (’22) and Cassidy Nguyen (’22). The Brewed staff is hoping to carry on their legacy by working with other clubs and organizations to host events.

Brewed Awakening is open all year and is always ready to welcome new and returning customers. Students interested in learning more about the café can check out their Instagram: @brewedawakeningsnhu.