Maggie Hubickova, senior (Image courtesy: Elise Fasano)

Two of SNHU’s tennis players have been reeling in personal awards upon their return to the court. Magdalena Hubickova (‘23) won NE10 Player of the Week during the weeks of September 21 and October 4. Jonathan Berling (’25) won the same award the week of September 27.

Hubickova, who comes from Prague, Czech Republic, has a history of winning awards with the SNHU tennis program. On April 27, 2021, she was named NE10 Player of the Year, also netting Player and Rookie of the Week during that season.

Hubickova discussed the team dynamic and what this season has been like so far.

“I cannot be happier to be part of this year’s team,” said Hubickova. “We have many new faces…. The old group bonded with these girls so well…we support each other and motivate each other to become better and better.”

Although she is no stranger to winning awards, Hubickova remains humble, knowing there is work to be done.

“I am a person that is never satisfied. Even when I win a match, I will come to my coach and tell him all the things we need to work on,” said Hubickova. “However…when there is a challenge in front of us, I know I can count on my team.”

She continued to discuss what the awards mean to not only her, but those around her.

“I am beyond grateful that I have two of the NE10 Player of the Weeks. The reality is that this award goes not only to me; it goes to my team,” said Hubickova. “They are the ones standing outside the court, cheering me on when I am down.”

Men’s Tennis player, Jonathan Berling from Moss, Norway, is also adept at winning awards. The week of April 19, he won both Player and Rookie of the Week. He went on to win the NE10 Vern Cox Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and placed first-team No. 1 Singles and Doubles for the 2021-2022 season.

Berling acknowledged that the men’s competitive season isn’t until the spring, however they have been playing matches and competed at the ITA’s in New York City.

Berling expressed his love and appreciation for his opportunity to play collegiate-level tennis. “I have a lot to improve on; but first of all, I just enjoy playing every day… My end goal would be to try to [play] professional,” said Berling.

He discussed what it would take to improve on the court. “I focus on how I can hit the ball better and have better movement on the court and to understand how I should play tactically,” said Berling.

Berling also discussed the meaning of the NE10 Player of the Week award he recently won. “It was cool to get the NE10 award. The award doesn’t really matter to me. It’s cool, but just going out on the court to enjoy my time with my teammates is the best,” said Berling.

Hubickova and Berling work to improve their performances in order to reach their goals. They continue to express their gratitude for the team dynamic of the SNHU tennis program for their success.