Club president, Liz Fraser, at this year’s involvement fair. (Image courtesy: Tom Matuszewski)

The Creative Writing Club is a community where SNHU writers can come together and share their work with like-minded people. Following the Involvement Fair, the Creative Writing Club continues to see an increase in membership.

The club was revived in the Fall ’21 semester after it went dormant during the remote year. Creative Writing Club Secretary Thomas Matuszewski (’23), shared his thoughts on the previous school year.

“[Professor Moloney] approached a few students, trying to get an E-Board together to actually get [the club] back up and running, and I was one of them,” said Matuszewski.

Matuszewski went on to talk about what the club has to offer.

“I think the main thing is being able to share our own experiences and our own work with each other in a stress-free environment. It’s not a class, it’s not for credit,” said Matuszewski. “With workshops, we give each other feedback and try to help each other out with our work and try to make all of us better writers.”

Matuszewski’s favorite part of the club is seeing the variety of writing and working on writing prompts.

“We would give ten minutes to write [the prompts],” said Matuszewski, “Hearing each person’s work after that ten minutes can be very impressive. It’s like, ‘you wrote that in ten minutes?'”

In addition, the Creative Writing club also hosts open mic nights, where students have a chance to share their work. The club is hoping to host more events in the future.

“We’ve been kind of spitballing other ideas, trying to come up with some things that will or will not happen depending on budget and scheduling,” said Matuszewski.

The Creative Writing Club meets every Tuesday in Robert Frost 204 from 4-5pm. Information and updates about meetings and events are available on the club’s Instagram: @creativewritingclubsnhu.