Attendees at CAPE Legendary Lineup. (image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

CAPE hosted their Fall Concert in the Athletic Complex Field House on September 16, featuring concert tour group Groove Boston. The set was intended to run from 8-11pm; however, with a late start at 8:40pm, the show proceeded for an hour before attendees dispersed.

Doors opened at 7:30pm and guests began trickling in. 260 participants attended out of approximately 290 tickets sold.

The show began with high energy as Groove Boston DJ’d crowd favorites from various artists. Attendees danced elbow to elbow in front of the stage. Simultaneously, large groups left during the show. By 9:40 PM, the attendees had left.

“It definitely was not what we wanted, and I don’t think it was on us at all. There’s no way we could’ve foreseen what’s happening, especially because we’ve worked with Groove Boston in the past,” said CAPE Vice President, Megan Rogers (’23). “The hopes for this was just to be a really fun event to bring everyone together and have a great time.”

CAPE hosts two concerts per school year: the Legendary Lineup and the Major Concert. CAPE has partnered with Groove Boston for their Legendary Lineups since 2019.

“We’ve worked with Groove Boston so much in the past so all we were to expect would be greatness again, but clearly that didn’t happen. All we could do was think on our feet and try to figure out the best-case scenario of what to do for this concert,” said Rogers.

Rogers added that it is uncertain if CAPE will be partnering with Groove Boston following this concert.

“We’re gonna try to figure out a way to make it up to students and apologize for what happened because we were upset and disheartened too; we’re as sad and disappointed as the people that bought the tickets did, too,” Rogers said. CAPE’s plan of action remains up in the air. “We’re gonna try to figure out a way to apologize to the SNHU community who bought the tickets for the concert.”

Despite the outcome, CAPE plans to move forward in a positive direction and give back to the SNHU community.

“This doesn’t represent what CAPE stands for; everyone has their bad events and bad things that happen, but you totally can’t plan for. I truly believe that if this was the Swae Lee concert or if this was someone else, it would’ve gone totally smooth; and it would’ve been an absolute killer,” Rogers said. She emphasized that CAPE “absolutely killed it” with the production of the Legendary Lineup.

Rogers said that CAPE will be announcing their Major Concert soon. “We’re gonna keep pushing strong with that,” Rogers said.

CAPE general member meetings occur on Mondays in the Last Chapter Pub at 6 PM. Updates on CAPE meetings and other events can be found on their Instagram: @capeatsnhu.