Fall Student Involvement Fair, 2021 (image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

SNHU will be holding its biannual Involvement Fair on the Green Space on Wednesday, September 7 from 12 to 3 pm. This event is held every semester and gives students the opportunity to branch out and meet new people, find a sport, club, or an on-campus job.

College is widely known for its academic opportunities and community-building. The Assistant Director of the Office of Student Involvement, Nicole Gregory, discussed the Involvement Fair’s significance in prior years and why students should consider attending.

“Every club and organization, as well as our club sports and some of our campus offices, will have a table at the event where they can give information about their club, organization, or office,” said Gregory.

In years past, the Involvement Fair has proven to be a beneficial event both academically and socially for students. 

“I think the biggest benefit is to get involved. On average, at SNHU…students who get involved have a higher overall GPA than students who are not involved in any way,” said Gregory. 

While perusing the approximation of seventy-five tables at the Involvement Fair, students may sign up for as many clubs and organizations as they’d like to keep their options open. However, students are not required to commit to any specific one. 

“I think that some students are like, ‘Oh I don’t want to put my email down because I don’t want to commit,’ [but] you’re not really committing to anything other than getting outreached by the club or organization,” said Gregory.

The Involvement Fair is a significant way to meet new people, get out there, and have the college experience on campus that many students wish for.

“I always recommend students going to the Involvement Fair. I think it’s impossible to know everything that’s going on [around] campus,” said Gregory. “Even if you learn one new thing that day, I think it’s important to know more.”