Stark Hall (image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

SNHU’s Stark Hall is set to be demolished and replaced by green space by the Fall 2022 semester.

Stark Hall was constructed in 1971. Comparing it to modern building standards, “the building type construction [is not] as well built or energy efficient,” according to Lawrence Yassanye, Assistant Director of Capitol Projects. “The value required to sustain the buildings has become unsustainable. The long-term environmental impacts to retain the building was taken into consideration, too.”

The building did hold classes during the Fall 2021 semester; however, no classes were held in Stark Hall in Spring 2022. Courses for the Institute for Language Education, which previously took place in Stark, have been moved to Belknap Hall. 

The remaining offices located in the building, such as the Office of Study Abroad, will be transitioning out during the summer. Plans for relocation remain up in the air. 

“We’ve been in transition, frankly, since the pandemic started. It’s never easy moving, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be in a great location,” said Allyson Snell, Director of International Programs and Experiences. “The one upside to being here is that we are…in a good location so students can find us easily…I’m actually excited about the possibility that we’ll be in an even more accessible and centralized location.”

According to Associate Dean of Student Affairs Sue Elsass, relocating offices in Stark may affect other departments. “This has created that opportunity to take a look at space and say what makes sense and where we’re going to move people,” said Elsass.

Future projects that have been discussed include Exeter Hall; however, plans have not been confirmed.

“We don’t know when Exeter’s going to come down. We know we will take it down at some point, but we don’t have a plan for that. We are going to move…student financial services, HR, [and the] registrar’s office…out of there,” said Elsass. IT and Media Services will remain in Exeter Hall for the time being.