Swae Lee at CAPE Concert (image courtesy: Sofia Barassi)

Swae Lee, the rapper, singer, and songwriter who features with artists like Post Malone, Khalid, Travis Scott, and Kane Brown, visited the SNHU Field House for the largest concert of the school year. The CAPE-sponsored event was held on April 16 during which students attended the first concert since the fall of 2019. 

Students were lined up at the doors at 6pm to watch the opening act, rap/hip hop artist Ish Akanour and his fellow musicians, perform multiple songs to excite the crowd before Swae Lee took the lead.

“Ish was a fun and lively opener. He got SNHU students ready and excited for Swae Lee,” said Amber Dee (‘23), CAPE’s Business Manager and Head of Security for the concert. 

Dee continued, “I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Ish and he was so genuine and kind. We chatted about where he has previously performed and how he is so excited to be somewhere new doing what he loves.”

When Swae Lee entered the Field House, he began with “No Type,” his 2014 release that features his brother. He also sang “Come Get Her,” “Black Beatles” ft. Gucci Mane, “Unforgettable” ft. French Montana, “No Flex Zone,” “Sunflower” ft. Post Malone, and “Powerglide” ft. Juicy J.

These popular songs were sung by the crowd and many seemed to enjoy the music by Swae Lee. “Everyone there seemed to have a great time. We had a very lively audience. The concert went for the full time and the songs were huge hits. SNHU students were so great that even Swae Lee wanted to come here,” said Megan Rogers (‘23), CAPE’s Vice President.

“As you could see him on stage, he clearly enjoyed himself and had a good time. Everything ran very smoothly with him because of his experience and passion,” said Rogers.

During the concert, Swae Lee announced, “There will be new music coming this summer.” He also thanked the student workers and the staff that made the show possible for him. This statement ignited a lot of cheering as he wrapped up his performance.

Swae Lee met up with the student workers of CAPE and the volunteers at the end of the show to take a photo with them and talk to them afterward.

“Swae Lee was a wonderful guy. He was very genuine and respectful. His kindness and passion for performing definitely shined though onstage and behind it. Even backstage with him he took the time to meet and thank everyone. That’s not something you see from the performers we have had in the past,” said Rogers.

CAPE’s major concert and Swae Lee brought students together in the Field House for the first time in two years as well as a finals week send off.