Academic Calendar (image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

SNHU’s academic calendar is changing for the ’22-’23 school year, affecting the start dates of each campus semester. Online and on-campus courses will be aligned, allowing the option for campus students to take in-person classes and online classes. 

Vice President of Student Affairs, Heather Lorenz, said, “Students will have more flexibility to mix and match in-person and online classes as needed or desired to incorporate co-curricular experiences such as internships or study abroad into their schedules.”

Lorenz also explains the benefits of the change. “The goal [is to reduce] costs to students and [give] time to complete their degree requirements. It will also allow us to streamline operations and financial aid administration, allowing us to deliver student services and supports more efficiently,” said Lorenz.

The Fall 2022 semester starts Monday, August 29. Returning students are set to move in on Sunday, August 28. Course registration for Spring 2023 will take place during the week of November 7.

Meanwhile, the Spring 2023 semester is set to move in on Sunday, January 1, and begin classes on Monday, January 2. Registration for classes for Fall 2023 will take place during the week of March 27. The spring semester ends a week early to make summer longer. 

Thanksgiving Recess, winter break, and spring break, as well as various national holidays throughout the academic year, will continue to be observed. Important dates will be added in the upcoming weeks to update the information page on SNHU’s parent and family information page.

“The July 2022 academic catalog will have, for the first time in SNHU’s history, one unified set of academic policies, terms, and program offerings for all SNHU students,” said Lorenz.

SNHU has assembled a working group of academic and student experience staff to create a plan that supports students and their families.

Information regarding the academic calendar will be sent out by email leading up to the start of the semester as well as be in print during move-in. Additional information on the schedule for the ’22-’23 school year can be found on