SNHU Penmen up to bat (image courtesy: snhu athletics)

The NE10 canceled fall sports for the 2020-2021 season, including championships, on Wednesday, January 13. This comes as the spring semester commences for SNHU. The Conference Council of Presidents made this decision after a recommendation from the NE10 Athletics Council, according to Penmen Athletics. In addition, SNHU will not participate in any athletic competition that reside independently from the conference. With athletes having been hopeful that they would play their canceled fall sports during spring, hopes will have to be continued for the fall 2021-2022 season.

The Women’s Soccer team was unable to play last fall, which adds to the long list of cancelations. “As unfortunate as it is, there has been a lot of things canceled this year and a lot of letdowns, so I feel like I tried to not get my hopes up too much. It definitely seems so crazy that another season was canceled,” said Danni Desruisseaux (’22), SNHU women’s soccer player and Army ROTC cadet.

“I am looking forward to the game day feels and the unexplainable thrill of getting to compete. I miss being in the locker room and working for each other at practice every day and our team lifts and honestly everything. It makes me look forward to ensuring that I don’t take my senior year for granted,” continued Desruisseaux. 

Fall athletes have been unable to practice, workout, or bond with their teammates in person. “Our coaches have supplied us with gym lift programs and home gym lift programs. They expect us to train and hold ourselves accountable because ultimately, it’s about how badly we individually want it because of how separated we all are. They do hold team meetings and check in on our emotional and mental health frequently,” said Desruisseaux. “I just want to get back into what I love and have done every day for the past 17 years which is play and be with my team.”

When the pandemic struck during the spring semester of 2020, spring athletes had their season canceled as well. Since they were not able to participate in any form, the Conference is engaging and supporting a return for spring competition this 2021 season, as stated by Penmen Athletics.

 Alex George (’23) was unable to play his freshman 2020 baseball season due to the pandemic, but remains hopeful for the spring of 2021. “Last season being my freshman year, I was extremely disappointed about not having a full season and having my first year at college cut short. I was looking forward to us, as a team, being able to show off all the hard work that we put in since the early fall and get the opportunity to start playing at SNHU at our home field,” stated George.

 Having been almost a whole year since the baseball team has been together, they have had the offseason to work on their skills in their respective hometowns. “I know everyone on the team is working hard every day academically and on developing and fine-tuning our baseball skills,” said George.

 “Whenever we get the good news that we are hoping for, we all will be ready to start working together as a team again,” continued George.

 Although there has been a constant feeling of disappointment with the cancelation of sports and competition, athletes across all of SNHU’s athletic teams eagerly await the return of the 2021 spring and 2021 fall seasons.