Penmen Defense Blocking Shot (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz)

SNHU’s Men’s Ice Hockey team is unsure about their winter season due to the Northeast-10 (NE10) suspending play through December.

With the campus being closed and students studying remotely, this leaves the Men’s Ice Hockey team to fend for themselves as they try to prepare for a future season. With no announcements of future gameplay this year, the men’s team still finds ways to train.

A handful of players are scattered across the United States and internationally; most of them are trying to stay active by following the off-ice training workout programs given by Head Coach Sean Walsh. Whether it’s weight training in the gym or squeezing in ice time at their local ice rinks, the team is making the most of their time away from SNHU campus.

“I know at least once a week some of the players are getting together and holding players’ practices. Some of them are hitting the gym as hard as they can, while others are a part of a men’s league and are able to practice with that team a couple times a week,” said Cole Stewart (’21).

For Stewart and a few other players in Georgia, they get their ice time every Thursday playing against one another in their men’s league.

For some players, like Dominic DiMambro (’22), off-ice training is more accessible.

“My local ice rink just opened in Michigan for drop ins, which is free skate for the public. But to hold a practice in the rink is around $250, which you’d need to split to make it affordable. So I’ve been doing a lot of running, biking, going to the gym, and lifting weights. I’m trying to get involved in anything I can have access to around my house and town,” said DiMambro.

Due to the inability to practice in person as a team, one major problem the men face is their lack of communication on the ice. 

“During my freshman year, you could definitely hear and know where people were. You had the confidence of your buddy being right next to you, but being apart for a long period of time might have an effect on that,” said DiMambro when asked about what the team needs to work on.

As the team waits to hear what the NE10 decides to do in January, they’re all looking forward to getting back together and practicing as a team.