Online Tools (image courtesy: RTG)

  1. Because of the nationwide increase of remote learning in colleges and universities, students have had to adapt to learning from home. Students have found resources including Grammarly, Khan Academy and Remind. These programs all aim to assist students with struggles they may have academically and help them see greater success in their classes.

Grammarly is an online tool that strengthens what we write, whether it be an email or a paper for school. This tool supports clean and mistake-free writing. It also makes suggestions to the user that may make the writing much stronger and clearer. Their mission statement, “to improve lives by improving communication,” really summarizes how it helps students. Through assistance in emails and assignments, Grammarly helps students in many aspects of their academics.

By setting up a free account, students can progress their everyday writing. Grammarly can also easily be added to web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge for free.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides free education for anyone around the world. It allows students to learn and work at their own pace and enhance their understanding of a topic.

Khan Academy was created by experts who cover math K-12 and early college preparation as well. Grammar, science, history, AP and SAT are also covered in this online tool.

Students can expect to see tangible benefits from using this resource. Its website reports that, “in a recent study, students were over twice as likely to meet grade-level standards with Khan Academy.”

Remind is a free online application that was built to make it easier for educators to reach out to their students. If a professor already uses Remind, downloading the app is highly recommended. During times where everything is online, it is easy to miss assignments and important announcements. Remind is a great way to make sure assignments are no longer being overlooked and that students don’t get behind in homework.

Though virtual semesters may be unique challenges for campus students, especially with continued quarantine, there are resources to make it manageable. Students should take advantage of these services to complete their classes strong.