2019 Involvement Fair (L to R) Lance Legere, Silvana Terranova, Troy Robinson, Coach Mike Couture, and Nelson Campos (image courtesy: Kyle Griffin)

As the online spring semester starts, students encounter higher levels of anxiety around balancing their hectic lifestyles throughout the pandemic. Many students work throughout the week, have familial duties, and balance social lives in addition to their academic responsibilities.

While it is important to perform well in classes, there are more strategies that can help ground students other than attending class and taking notes. Getting involved on campus, being active and learning new skills are all great ways to improve your day to day life, while also maintaining academic success.

Having downtime with peers is relaxing and beneficial. Joining clubs is a great way to meet new people and make connections at SNHU.

At SNHU, there are more than 60 clubs to join and tons of new people to get to know. Having this to look forward to every week enforces better time management skills, since every organization meets at a regular time. There are also many events held for students every week. These can be a nice break from the weekly schedule, and are a great way to try new things and learn about different organizations on campus.

Going outside and being active is one way you can get energized to to accomplish overly-procrastinated work. While taking a walk around your neighborhood might be easier said than done, especially in these winter months, the benefits are well worth it.

A recent study conducted at Michigan State University (MSU) found that students who were regularly active had higher GPAs than students who weren’t. They also had higher retention rates and dropped fewer credits than students who weren’t active.

The same routine day after day for a whole semester can become boring or tiring, so getting outside, seeing new things and boosting your heart rate are all healthy ways to overcome the stress that builds from classes.

Another way to feel productive at home is to learn a new skill. While at home, there are many new skills and hobbies that can help spice up your daily life, while also keeping your brain sharp. Learning to play an instrument is a great way to feel accomplished, learn new things, and help your academic success. SNHU even offers music lessons that can take place virtually!

A study done by The University of British Colombia found that students who play an instrument performed noticeably better in their academics when compared to students who didn’t play any instruments. Learning to play an instrument can help eliminate boredom while also setting the foundations for a better semester!

Learning a new language is another great way to set yourself up for success, while also having fun. SNHU offers beginning level courses for a few languages, like French, Spanish and Mandarin.

A 2015 study by the Journal of International Students found that students who spoke multiple languages tended to have higher GPAs. Learning new languages also welcomes unique experiences, such as the ability to communicate with new people and engage with foreign media. In addition, learning a new language is a great idea for students who are hoping to travel abroad in the future.

Your semester doesn’t have to be a boring cycle of going to class, doing homework, and repeating the same thing everyday. Joining clubs, getting active, and learning a new skill can curb your boredom and help you do better in school.