Headspace Graphic (image credit: cnet.com)

Self-care is important for our mental, emotional and physical health. When self-care is practiced, we feel better, more energized, less stressed and overall happier. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and distancing regulations seem to have taken a toll on our overall well-being. The practice of self-care has never seemed more necessary than now. There are many different ways you can overcome the negative effects the pandemic may be causing.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Simply taking a walk around the block or sitting outside can improve your stress and anxiety levels immensely. Especially when being cooped up in the house all day attending virtual classes, it is important to get some time in the fresh air. Many things can be accomplished outdoors rather than indoors. For instance, yoga and other forms of exercise can be done outside. Doing homework or responding to emails can also be accomplished this way. Or you can just sit and spend some time enjoying some fresh air away from screens.

Create Art

Another way self-care can be practiced is by painting, drawing, writing or reading. To some, all of these can be therapeutic. Personally, painting has always been a way for me to escape from my stressors, and just relax. These activities promote emotional stress relief. The best part is that there is no right or wrong way to show creativity because art is how you express your personal self, your feelings and your imagination. Art isn’t just paintings and drawings, it is also dancing and playing an instrument. Expressing and accepting your authentic self through art is a great way to care for yourself.

Use the Headspace App

Finally, you can also practice self-care by using Headspace. Headspace is an app that guides its users through different types of meditations and other calming activities. Their mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world. On the app, there multiple meditation courses and techniques, as well as quiet stories to help you sleep, called Sleepcasts. One meditation course that always clears my mind is “Finding Focus.” This one allows me to have a productive workday, especially when trying to stay focused on remote assignments. SNHU offers Headspace for $9.99 per year. Students can also get Headspace free with Spotify Premium.


However, you choose to relax and unwind from your day is up to you. There are so many more ways you can get started on your self-care that haven’t been mentioned. As long as you are feeling relieved from stress and are also feeling better mentally, emotionally and physically, then you are exercising self-care. Right now, we all need to take a little more care for ourselves than usual.