Many changes were made in the Dining Center this year from switching services and moving foods to different stations to changing the steak in the steak and cheese into a fresh product instead of a frozen product. It also now serves and uses homemade sauces as opposed to canned sauces. It also has fresher desserts and increased vegan and vegetarian options.

The cutlery is relatively new as reusable silverware was put out at the end of last year. It is meant to give students and staff a more environmentally friendly option.

Next year, students will be able to place their own orders on iPads, so the double meat portions that were taken away this year may be easier to track. For now, the double meat portions are only allowed in certain stations and not allowed in the wrap station and the grill.

The Dining Center will also focus on sustainability and health and wellness next year. There will be more vegan and vegetarian options, increased international options and a big push on sustainability.

These changes and suggestions derived from students and Dining Center staff and trends. The university tracks students’ eating habits, what students are looking for in the Dining Center and students’ buying habits. The Dining Center staff may even hear changes the students want or don’t want when they are talking with students.

Any student who wishes to see a change in the Dining Center or has a suggestion for making it better may talk to a staff member in the Dining Center or write it down on the suggestion board by the tables near Just Desserts.