(Image Credit: Jaelle Matthieu)

The Multicultural Student Union (MSU) is hosting Soul Food Dinner Sunday, February 17, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the upper Dinning Hall. The event is put forth to celebrate unique backgrounds and differing cultures. Tickets are expected to sell quickly.

MSU Secretary Osheen Turnbull states that the event’s main goal is to help students meet new people and learn new things from each other. She wants to make this event an opportunity for students to introduce themselves to SNHU’s diverse population while conversing with students who come from different backgrounds.

“Our hope is everyone gets to gather and [get to] know each other,” said Osheen.

Last year, an unexpected winter storm resulted in a decrease of attendees. The food was prepared beforehand, and the decrease in participants resulted in MSU throwing most of it away. However, Osheen anticipates the possibilities for inclement weather this year.

“This year we are prepared. We have anticipated all the possibilities of weather changes,” said Osheen.

The event is expected to open with a keynote speaker who will welcome attendees and talk about diversity and inclusion. There will then be performances from students who have been selected through auditions. The audience will also be encouraged to get involved with a special MSU tradition. One audience member will be brought to the stage to learn a new, authentic dance. Oshea revealed the dance this year will be an African dance. The food will be provided by student volunteers who will be making traditional recipes from their various cultures.

Everyone is recommended to dress formally, but it is not required.

Osheen wishes to remind all who attend to remain respectful and open-minded because while something may not be normal in one culture, it is in another.

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